Monday, 30 January 2012

Changing of seasons... The winter is over and the seasons are changing . Summer is closer every day, but I still can't get the snowy slopes out of my mind. I already said, 13. April was the last ride this season, but now looking at my shiftplan, seeing 19-20 off...who knows, maybe Snowpeopele are going to see me once more. Came March, I also started windsurfing...this year it's going to be serious. Was on the water a couple of times since and really enjoyed every minute. Especially one day, the wind was a bit stronger...simply amazing feeling, when you hang in there with all your weight, let the board lift up from water and go with the wind! But, so I don't have to wait for wind every time I want to get wet, I have big plans for other activities as well. Spoke to Paul about the waterski camp in Cordoba...looking good, can't wait to go around a proper slalom course once again... It is now years I did last time. I can feel the adrenaline on the tip of my tongue, just thinking about it. And to not only speak about the sports, I am looking forward for a few more things this year. My sister is coming to visit me in the summer, looks like we are going to have some really good time, if everything works after the plan, she will be here for my summer vacation, and my bday. Hope they can make it! And Klara, my only child, is coming to see her old daddy as well, this year she is bringing her boyfriend, Adamko... it's going to be fun seeing how they grow up so fast! I am sure, there are many other great things to come this year, just can't think of any right now. PEACE OUT!