Saturday, 16 April 2011

3 days and another "victim" of the snow culture So I decided, this was the before last time, I went to Sierra this season. And again, off course, my personal paradise did not dissapoint me. This time, a weekend of a perfect blue sky, warm calm weather and wonderful snow conditions + one astronomic event - the big moon. Was really nice being even 2 km closer to it than the poor bastards down at the sea. Also, the way it lit the slopes in the night was quite mystical, normally they remain dark. Here I have to mention the apartment in Monte Gorbeo - the best so far and really comfy. Lets hope we can have it for the same price again next time. This time, I had another friend to teach the beauty of the winter - Evicka joined us this time for her 1st time experience on the board with bound feet. And she proved herself in quite a fashion. To prove her motoric skills we have some nice videos and pictures, she managed the basics in first few minutes and from there, it was just a question of getting used to the new feeling. The important part wa again, that she liked, or as she said, loved it and got excited for the snow. Paula made quite some progress and was doing quite well plus also had a lot of fun. This time, she hid her allmighty Blackberry in the jacket, so we had Eminem and his dead dog with us all the time. I must say, people enjoyed the occasional bit of music and Paula, who proved herself again on the way back, can really sing nice. As you can see, yes, we had fun, on the way there, all the time there and also on the way back. We all decided, this was not our last time in Sierra in season 2010/11 and we are looking forward for the next two days. Hopefully, this time my wife Asia and Thanoss can join me. On the end, my friends, I have another travel tip for You: if you do not want to spend 10 Es for a toast - even though beautifully served - do not stop in El Higueron. But if you do not care about the money, it is a nice place to see.
Numb Quite a break in my lines and what a break in my life :) Reading my last article, I do not know what I was expecting from life. Let´s not talk about 2011, that year is off the books. 2012 started in bed and went on like that basically until yesterday. Of course to top up my "succesfull" 2011, ten days before it was finally over I managed to break my stupid colarbone in my oh so beloved Sierra Nevada. Like if it couldn´t happen a day and a half later, of course it happened 2 hours into my 2 days trip.... and when I realized I am not coming back for next few months... I was just pissed of! Still full of adrenaline declined the painkillers in the emergency room and drove one handed to Gibraltar to see a doctor. 5 hours later I joined the majority of men in Gaza stripe and was falling asleep on Tramadol. Good shit, but was really getting addicted after about 2 weeks (and I ony took about 1/4 of the daily dose) So decided to cut it off. The pain is bareable if I dont walk too much now and I get my 3-4 hours of sleep. This is killing me, you could write depression all around the walls of my house. Can not go skiing, can not go snowboardin, can not go windsurfing or even for some hiking...just goddamn relaxing! None of the things that make me feel good are available to me at the moment, but cometh March, 19th, I am on the slopes again, if I have to cut off my arm for that! One good thing came up from my bed time though... and that is that I am going to see Torino in about 20 days... why.. well that is private for now my friends :) I wish you all a better 2012 than my 2011 was, peace of mind and happines. Love is overrated anyways :)