Sunday, 27 February 2011

lost time I must make up for the lost time, I know you all were waiting for the report from my "5 days in paradise". 31. January to 4. February 2011 - 4 nights / 5 days in Sierra, powder, rocks and sun. And as you all can see on my new profile picture, we even managed to make some pics for the next erotic calender: "Sierra Nevada 2011 - geek edition!" First three days, just going crazy and everywhere, S.h.b. Thanos is already good enough to join us on the difficult slopes and as always patient enough to let us go the dangerous ones :) Who did not try, can not imagine the feeling when you just can't slow down. No I do not mean "don't want to slow down", i really mean "can't". One of the slopes, broad and perfectly taken care of is just a steep broad plain, all the way down. And once you start it with a proper swing, you find yourself in a situation where large smooth turns mean nothing, but not speeding up more and trying to break harder just means braking your leg or tearing the muscles at best. At that point, you are thankfull for all the hours spend learning skiing and praying. Skiing, because you knowtwhat to do, and praying, because you know that it is the best thing to do. Last two days were in the sign of our new inbreed to the snow lovers from southern people.With a lot of expectations and enthusiasm, Paula and Jolie arrived the 3th day in the eveining and all was set for my first snowboarding instructor experience ever. And again, no, I did not hire an instructor, I was the one. Though, it always was one of my dreamjobs, I must admit it is money well earned. You need the full package...a passionate, well fit, enthusiastic, inteligent and a very very patient psychologist/sports physiacian/guy. Well, apparently the job was a tough one for me, as I only am inteligent and sexy of that all.... I did not mention sexy in the first part, as that much is understood, all ski/board instructors are sexy :) students did good and so did I...they learned a lot and they love the snow culture now. at this point, I must mention valuable help from my wife Asia, who was willing and able to help me as individual care is too difficlut with two people at the same time. First day of teaching was difficult, as one of the guapas though she is the talent and can just go ahead, 5 minute explanation in the cabin up the hill was boring enough for her :) Jolie, on the other hand decided to stay with me and see what to do, get some tips and let me help her on her "first slides". Our little pony, Paula, was just like we all know her...distracted, but trying hard. Well the result of day 1 was Paula crying and saying she never goes up again and Jolie, already in love with the cold sensation. So evening was about explaining, that it all hurts for the first time... :) ... and drinking enough to forget, but not to get wasted. Day two, Paula decided, that all we said and done the day before was just bullshit and ran away again, the first chance she got....maybe I was supposed to explain her also the fact, that she can fall to the back and that it really hurts to hit your head in the snow...or maybe she just needed to learn. Aftter that, I can only praise the girl, she did everything exactly as she was told and by the end of the day, she was jumping around ,taking turns like an old pro. My friends, I really have to go to work now...and just 15 hours from now I will be on my way to Sierra again, but I promise, that before you read another snowy adventure, you will get to read about one of the biggest experiences in my life so far...Formula 1 training in Jerez...3 days of wrroooommm and boooommm, three days of fullfilling childhood dreams...two of the days with Schumi HIMSELF! I was there last weekend! And yes, off course I have a picture with Michael Schumacher!