Wednesday, 26 January 2011

pain is a painkiller What three days! And a night. As promised went to my personal paradise once again this year and not as promised, I stayed three days. Could not resist, when I was at the skipass counter and thinking about Monday in La Linea. Decided as I was, took the ski the first day, hoping for a nice smooth day. I had the pain in my knee in the back of my head, but thought, it is safer with ski as I know it better than board. But, that was the problem, I just can not slack the skiing, so worked hard and my knee really hurt after day 1. So I started day 2 with a bit of unsecure feeling. But after changing the feet position and direction twice I found a quite comfortable way to use mainly my right and get the left leg a rest. And the weather played along, as day 1 was snowing all day, we had plenty of nice powder snow on Sunday, so I used it to get some rides between the rocks. Can not describe the feeling. Godly! Just you and the wide white plains....aaaaaaaaaarrrghh, I want to go back! Same scenario on Monday, with the difference that the weather really cleared and I had a beautifull, sunny day with still enough virgin snow and this time even empty slopes... it really pays to go there during the working week - free parking and nobody to get in your way. As for the rest, Granada really has a special vibe in the night, Saturday out was really interesting, no idea how, but somehow it got me. Maybe my parents were right when they told me, when I was growing up: "Don´t go to those night clubs and similar... they can give you some drugs in the drink or so." (Ever since I was off course searching for that place, where you do not have to pay for drugs, but surely, there are none.). Well, this time I am sure there were no drugs in play, still I felt like 19 again...full of life. Thank you Granada, thank you Sierra Nevada, thank You C! So that is all for now, just one more traveller tip on the end: Honestly, do not go to hotel Nevada in Granada, it is a shithole with poor service. But luckily, I only spent limited hours there :) Looking forward for the 31. January... 5 days in Sierra!!! !!