Tuesday, 18 January 2011

back from the snow paradise So, in the end, I managed to get back home without breaking my neck. Just almost the knee. But it stayed in one piece, so no worries. Let´s talk about last two days. Everything went after the plan, which means it was perfect! What a two days. Had a "wunderbar" time on the slopes, the weather could not be better and the snow conditions just perfect. We did some serious skiing on day 1, arrived in Sierra Nevada at 9:00, which means we had to start around 5:30. But it was definitely worth it. Plus this time, I even got enough sleep before we went. So, as said, day 1 was by my humble guess at least 60-70 km of skiing. What an experience. In just few hours, you get to see the mountain from all sides and all kinds of panoramatic views open to one. The highest lift station is 3280 m above sea level, and I could really count every cigarette and joint in my life. But still worth it!! I must say, I am proud for my day 2. Day 2 we rented snowboards, our Greek friend stayed on ski. At first, I was pretty scared, as I knew, I am not really good on board. The first ride was somewhat of a disaster, but I managed to realize, that my biggest fear was, that I could hit somebody, as I can not really say, which way the board will go with me. So I decided to skip the beginners slope, which was crawling with people with exactly the same problem and took on the pro one. There it was where I hurt my knee, but not boarding, but getting on the lift up. Well, hurt or not, it was 11:00 in the morning and I had another 5-6 hours of the white happines ahead...let´s forget the pain. The first ride down the difficult slope was a complete disaster, but again, I realized one more thing. I keep falling when I try to break, cause I get too fast. And here comes the proud part. The 3rd ride, I tried not to fight the speed, but go with it. And that was it...rest of the day sliding the hills with a broad smile on my face. Only had one serious fall, but even that was fun. At least now I know how you feel making a sommersault with rotation. Fucking cool :) Well...six or seven more days and the next trip is up. Join me who can, it can not get much better!